Let's remember the first time you uttered a word


How long after you were born did you learn to speak your native language?

I don't remember that.

So I decided to look around.

On buses and trains, I often hear a conversation between a child about 3 years old and his mother.

Looking out the window .…

Mother : A blue car just passed by.

Child : Whoa! Boo-boo.

Mother : It's the car that makes the "boo-boo" sound.

Child : Car?

Mother : Good !

Child : Whoa! Car ~~~

Mother : Another car has gone by.

Mother : That car is yellow.

Mother : That's a yellow car.

Child : Yellow car ?

Mother : Good !

I learned that when listening to a conversation between a parent and child, the mother speaks with good supplementary explanations.

Maybe my mother gave me a lot of supplementary explanations when I was little.

I am beginning to think that the process of learning a language that is not one's native tongue may be similar.

How about talking about what you can talk about first?

Ask the person with whom you can have a daily conversation to provide additional explanations through conversation.

After listening to the conversation, you can gradually increase the number of new words you can speak, starting with one word and then increasing to two or three.

I will try to incorporate it.\(^o^)/