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Hi !

This blog is written in Notion.

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easy-notion-blog is open source software created by Alpaca teacher(@otoyo0122).

There is a URL to the Japanese explanation article, but you can use google translate.

Please check the articles labeled [BLOG] in the list of articles.

~\utilde{\Large \text{all over the WORLD}}

We want to share the fun.

We want to share it not only with people in Japan but also with people all over the world.

For this purpose we decided to study English.

But we began to think that it would be boring to do just that.

It is not interesting.

We want to learn together.

English and Japanese

Isn't there some element of empathy between studying English and studying Japanese?

We want to accumulate small growth while using empathy as energy.

Even if the growth is small at first,

if we continue,

it will eventually become a big growth.

We believe so.

We will start activities to study English while teaching Japanese. We call it "JAPANglish”.

It will start in October.

We are planning to prepare a dedicated page.

🔽 Planner's vision

Please check the articles labeled [WORLD] in the list of articles.

~\utilde{\Large \text{DATA analytics}}
Sorry, I have been prioritizing my English studies and putting off studying data analysis. I will start posting as soon as I am ready, so I would appreciate it if you could wait warmly until then.

I will leave the hard stuff to other sites.

‘ Why do we need data analysis? ‘

‘What good can come from doing data analysis? ‘

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

I had many questions when I studied data analysis.

Even now, I have not been able to solve them.

This blog is about solving those questions together.

When you read an article,

you may want to comment on it, right?

If you do, I would be happy if you tweet me on Twitter.

  ??AboutME??  \small\color{#2f4f4f}\colorbox{#ffd700}{\textsf{~~}}\large\color{#2f4f4f}\colorbox{#deb887}{\textsf{??}}\Large\color{#2f4f4f}\colorbox{#c0c0c0}{\textsf{About}}\LARGE\color{#2f4f4f}\colorbox{#fa8072}{\textsf{ME}}\large\color{#2f4f4f}\colorbox{#deb887}{\textsf{??}}\small\color{#2f4f4f}\colorbox{#ffd700}{\textsf{~~}}

I am the owner of the herohoro blog


I am also involved in the community management of easy-notion-blog.

I like to learn.\(^o^)/

My friends look at me a little strange when I say that.

But I started “herohoro blog” to increase the number of people who can share my passion without hiding it.

In that blog,

I share the process of modifying easy-notion-blog while studying programming,

even though I am not an engineer.

Until a while ago,

I used to write down what I learned in Notion,

but I got tired of it.

By publishing it on the blog for everyone to see,

I now have the ability to organize what I learned.

This is thanks to everyone.(*´ω`*)(*´ω`*)

I created this blog to make more and more friends.

I want to share with people all over the world.

Other friends of mine will also post articles on this blog. Those friends are the ones I have studied with for more than a year. They like to study more than me and I can learn from them.

Basically, I am on Twitter. So please feel free to message me. Let's study together 〜〜〜〜