Commitment to Education


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Do you enjoy our posts? \(^o^)/

Some of you may find it a bit different from our other content.

What sets this content apart is that it focuses on conceptual content rather than an exhaustive introduction to the sentence patterns and vocabulary that appear in exam-specific texts.

There are many free contents out there to help you prepare for the exam.

We hope that you will make good use of them.

We would like to share with you the essence of what makes studying fun with great free content.

Because studying is fun !!!!

Let’s imagine

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What would you do if one day, out of the blue, your best friend could only speak Japanese?

They will probably try to converse with their best friend somehow.

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Language is essentially just a tool for communicating with others.

You can learn a lot by interacting with each other.

Try to organize where you stand.

  • What you can do with confidence
  • What you can do with guesswork
  • What you are almost ready to do
  • What you don't think you can do now

What approach will increase what you can do?

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This is what it means to study

Content based on the JF Standards

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We produce content based on the JF Standards, the educational policy of the Japanese government.

We too enjoy learning about JF standards.

Why are we having fun?

It is because we have you who want to learn.\(^o^)/